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SEO Expert Orange CountyWordPress Analytics Management and Reporting with SEO Expert Orange County

Recently I stopped a company (at the last minute…Phew!) from hiring an internal analytics manager for about $3-$4K a month. With Beefysites SEO Expert Orange County’s Analytics service, most of the time, an initial audit is about $500, and monthly management reporting is around $500 a month, depending on your site. Here is the best thing, with beefysites wordpress analytics managment and reporting, you get a ton of customized reports that I have learned over the years. To summarize, I saved this company about 3k a month, and they are getting better reporting.

How does that sound?

Everyone would love to save $3k a month, right? Well, its different in every case. Most of the time companies don’t even realize they need this service. However, it can be the most important set of reports you look at every day, and it will determine your companies’ success. When you receive your monthly reports from beefysites SEO Expert Orange County, they will come with a full explanation, to help you read the results.

Everyone Should Know Whats Going On

We have the technology to track every single purchase that arrives at your store. so why not use it? After we set up your wordpress analytics management account for wordpress, you will know where all of your visitors and conversions are coming to a tee. Wouldn’t you like to know everything your best customers have in common? With beefysites SEO Expert Orange County its a lot easier than you think!

SEO Expert Orange County – Use the Data to make your decisions, not gut feelings!

Once we figure out where your traffic comes from, and all the details about your most profitable customers, why not cater to them? In other words, let the data create your new website, not your gut feeling! Most customers can not believe how much money our analytics service saves them, save thousands of dollars and learn more. Beefysites SEO Expert Orange County analytics management is the way to go for the best insight on your customers.

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