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seo services orange countySEO Services Orange County – Replace Your Internal Analytics Employee with The Click of A Button

Over the years I have run, owned, and consulted for many companies. It is quite common that a company I  work with has hired an internal employee to montior and report from their google analytics and other analytics account. Here is the thing, most of these employees can be replaced by an automated analytics reporting procedure for wordpress with seo services orange county, and also, you will get better data in the meantime! One of my companies was paying an employee $5000 per month to manage these services, and the employee was replaced for the above pricing structure!

SEO Services Orange County – Get more in depth data about your customer and the way they use your site

The best way to build a new site or recreate an existing site is by evaluating how your user and customer actually uses the site. Do you even know the age, sex, demographic, location etc of your best users? do you know what pages they actually land on or are most interested in? Our month over month analytics reporting service will keep track of all of this for you. SEO Services Orange County will also monitor and report important statistics like bounce rate, time on site, and new versus existing browsers to your website.

SEO Services Orange County – Analytics monthly service customized for WordPress site

Don’t be fooled by cheap extensions or plugins that offer an automated analytics service for your wordpress site. We leave the human element within our reports. All of our analytics monthly reporting is run and assembled by professional analytics consultants who will actually let you know your successes and failures as a site owner.  With this service, you actually get data you can use and understand out of your wordpress website, ecommerce, and overall business.

Your Website Target Market Might Not Be The Same as Your Regular Customer

Ever thought about this? With our monthly analytics service, you will know exactly who your online target customer is, so you can cater to them too!


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