Free Non Profit Web Consulting by Orange County SEO Firm

Orange County SEO Firm by Jared Mitchell: As a way to “Give Back” I do free websites and seo consulting services for non profit corporations and their websites, or lack there of! A few of my existing “clients” include such organizations as,,, and many more.

Orange County SEO Firm Does Free Non Profit Websites and Web Consulting

 free non profit websites orange county seo consultantHow do I apply? Send Jared and email to [email protected] and let Jared know what you need, and about your non profit. Its that simple. Jared does not have time to take on every single project, so he will let you know if it is a good fit. Yes, its totally free.

So what does this free service consist of? If you do not have hosting, we can provide hosting, a new site, or we can improve the seo of your current site. Basically, everything beefysites does as a Orange County SEO Firm, or consultant for the USA, can be done for our free non profit clients as well.

Why? Beefysites actually orginiated as a not for profit web consulting company. Some of my oldest and dearest clients like walking on water were how I got into consulting. Their pages have grown a ton as a result of my seo work and consultation. After a while, people started asking if I could help their business, when they noticed how successful my non profit clients were… So here I am, offering free orange county seo consultant non profit website services.

Orange County SEO Firm and How to Learn More about Non Profit Websites

I am certainly not the only consultant to offer free seo consulting for non profit websites. The first thing I would do if you were to apply, is to make sure you were a genuine not for profit corporation.. Please click here to see how wikipedia defines non profit etc..

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