Free SEO Audit and Report by SEO Company Orange County

Totally FREE SEO audit and report for your website by SEO Company Orange County Beefysites!

Many companies offer free seo audits, but as you can see from the attached images, no audits are as in depth as a beefysites seo company orange county audit. Submit the form above, and you will receive a free full in depth analysis of your seo and social media efforts within 48 hours.

Free Competitive Analysis for WordPress by SEO Company Orange County

When you fill out the form, you will want to tell us who your top 2-3 competitors are. With the free analysis, we will tell you how you are performing compared to them, and we will give you tips about getting ahead.

Free Keyword Analysis for WordPress by SEO Company Orange County

We will use our “ninja skills” to checkout your current keyword strategy and that of your competitors. Usually we are able to uncover many hidden keywords that you and your competitors are not performing well in, revealing many extra ways for you to increase your business. Furthermore, we will show you which keywords your competitors are performing well in that you are not.

Free On Page Analysis for WordPress by SEO Company Orange County

On page content, Meta Tags, Alt Tags, Title Tags, page descriptions…. any of these sound familiar? These are the building blocks for google to love your website, and give more props to your website. Our report will show you what your pages are lacking, so that we can properly fix them.

Free Off Page Analysis for WordPress by SEO Company Orange County

Linkbuilding is a necessary element of seo. Basically, you want a ton of high quality sites linking back to yours. Google will notice this, and give you a higher ranking in search engines if it is done appropriately (google compliant). We will let you know if you need more links, or less links, and if the links you have are going to cause you problems in the long run.

Social Media SMO Analysis by SEO Company Orange County

With our free SEO report we will show you a full Social media analysis relative to your competition. You will learn what your competitors do socially, like on twitter and facebook, that you are not doing. Many people really don’t like involving their business on social media sites, however, it has become a necessary evil of good seo. We can help you automate these efforts so you can sit back and relax while we do the grunt work.

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