Free Tips From Your Orange County WordPress Consultant Jared Mitchell: A Guide to Higher Rankings for Your Blog in Orange County Searches

The following series is written by Orange County WordPress Consultant Jared Mitchell as a free resource for your wordpress blog. WordPress is a well optimized system which performs a better job than other CMS at allowing every single page to be indexed. Take care of a few things like the ones listed below to make working with WordPress easier. By the way, learn more about wordpress here at their home site:

First Change Your Permalinks Settings: Permalinks structure is the first thing you need to change. This page can be found under Settings->Permalinks.

Recommended Settings are:

  • Day and name (only if you post a daily)
  • Month and name
  • Changing this setting will add good keywords to your URL

Orange County WordPress Consultant Recommended Plugin: After making these changes and install the Redirection plugin. Ensure that both URL Monitoring select boxes are set to “Modified posts” under Manage-> Redirection-> Options. This enables the change of permalinks to SEO permalinks without doing anything more and without bothering search engines. Keep in mind, Orange County WordPress Consultant will have a full list of recommended plugins upon hiring.

Your Orange County WordPress Consultant Recommends: Remove WordPress URL Stopwords

Orange County WordPress Consultant Recommended Plugin: To increase your WordPress SEO, install the SEO Slugs plugin, which will remove the stop words automatically from your slugs when you save a post. This way you will not get those long URL while doing a sentence style post title.

image explains the orange county wordpress consultant servicesYour Orange County WordPress Consultant Recommends: Optimize you Titles for SEO

The default title for your blog will be “Blog title >> Blog Archive >> Keyword rich post title”. For obtaining deserving traffic for your WordPress, this ought to be the other way around, here is why:

  • Your site will rank higher if your keywords are near the beginning of the page title as the search engines give more importance to the early words.
  • Your page is more likely to get clicked on if the keywords are near the start of your listing as users scanning the page results will see the early words first.

Orange County WordPress Consultant Recommended Plugin: You can use the HeadSpace plugins as an easy way to create great titles for your posts.

Next step would require you to go to the HeadSpace settings and for Posts & Pages choose “applied to posts & pages without specific settings”. For the other pages make the following settings:

  • Posts/Pages:  %% title %% – Blog Title
  • Categories: %% category %% Archives %% page %% – Blog Title
  • Tags: %% tag %% Archives %% page %% – Blog Title
  • Archives: Blog Archives %% page %% – Blog Title

You can make optimized titles for each post specifically which will override these settings.  By that process you have absolute control over your titles and can ensure that your WordPress titles help your SEO. Your Orange County WordPress Consultant Jared Mitchell Can help you implement these changes and many more if you have any trouble. Check Out Orange County WordPress Consultant Jared Mitchell’s article about SEO by clicking here.

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