Postcard Mailing and Graphic Design

Reach Your Customers in a Little Different Way

So many eCommerce companies have never tried an actual direct postcard mailing to their customer base. You will be surprised on the return! Think of it this way, you have a ton of customers that have opted to not receive your emails. What are you gonna do about them, call them all? Realistically, postcard marketing can be an easy and effective way for you to reach people who do not want your emails.

Postcard Graphic Design Services

Beefysites offers a full service system to mailing and designing postcards, our graphic design team will create an attractive postcard design for you, we will help you segment your excel customer list, and we will mail them out to whom and when you choose! Still skeptical, well lets start with a sample of your list first, and use a proprietary discount code for your cart. This way we will be able to make sure the return to your website is totally worth the cost of the mailing! We can use whatever logos and images you want us to use.


Postcard Printing Services

Yes, we can print as many postcards as you need! Our printing quality is second to none, and our prices are usually the lowest quote you will obtain.

Postcard Full Service Mailing Services

Yes, we not only design your postcard, but we will mail them as well. Take the hassle out of your marketing and direct mail services, and let us take care of the rest. Postcards are sent via United States Postal Service first class mail.

Less Expensive than you think – Free Quotes

Email us For Our Postcard Mailing Portfolio, and for a free quote. Because our printing costs are so low, you get more of a bulk discount when you order large quantities. I have been doing postcard mailings for years, and I have found the best source for printing and mailing your postcards, so contact me for a free quote!

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