Setting Up Your New Hosting Account

Step 1: You will receive an email from WP Engine

From WP Engine

Jared Mitchell Has

Hello (Insert Your Name Here)!

Jared Mitchell has invited you as a user on the WP Engine User Portal.

To manage the account, simply login to and see step #2 to set up your password.


The WP Engineer Sys Team

If this email was sent in error, you can contact our support here.

If you do not receive this email, please email [email protected]


Step 2: Set Up Your Account Password

  • Go to
  • Click “I Forgot My Password”
  • enter your email address and select “send me password reset instructions”
  • Check your email for the below:

Hello Jared Mitchell,

We’ve received a request to reset the password associated with your WP Engine User Portal account “Your email address”

To reset your password, just follow this link:

If you weren’t expecting to receive this email, just ignore it, and we won’t change your password.


The WP Engineer Sys Team

If you received this message in error, just ignore the email, and your password will stay the same.

  • change your password, then you should be logged in.
  • If you are not immediately logged in, visit  and enter your username and password
  • If you are having trouble logging in, try setting up a new password again


Step 3: Questions and Support: If your site goes down or you have any hosting related questions

  1. Live Chat: On the Top Right of Your Screen Hover over the Support Button and select live chat. If live chat is not available, see #2 below
  2. Ticket Support: On the Top Right of Your Screen Hover over the Support Button and select Open A Ticket. Make sure to select Priority Urgent if your site is down.
  3. Visit for FAQs and answers to any hosting related questions


Step 4: Backup Up Your Site, Stage Server, Clearing the Cache, FTP

Keep in mind, you can always live chat with support for help with the below 🙂

1. Backups: Your site is automatically backed up by wpengine every night, no more backup plugins! Its easy to create a backup, or restore an old backup, click here to read all about it.

2. Stage Site: When Making any changes to your site, like plugin updates, wordpress version updates, or any other changes, ALWAYS do it on the stage site before you go live with it! Click Here to read all about it.

3. Clearing Cache: WPengine eliminates the need for any caching or CDN. If you have made changes to the your site, and they are not showing…. try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Also, try clearing the wpengine cache. Click here to see how to do this.

4 FTP Access: Click here to see how to set yourself up with FTP access.

5. Disallowed plugins can crash your site! Seriously! Don’t get crazy and experimental with plugins. Here is a list that will help you.

6. Passwords and Security! If you do not have a complicated username and password.. please change it so you do! DO NOT USE the username admin. Make sure both the username and password have at least 12 characters, numbers, capitals and lowercase, and even symbols. Make sure all users you have created are the same 🙂 I recommend changing your password at least one time per quarter.

Make sure your WordPress Version and Plugins are up to date. This will help your site not get hacked. Make sure to follow #1 and #2 above when upgrading wordpress or plugins.



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