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Real Social Media Management and Reporting – Account Management by Human Beings at SEO Companies Orange County, not Software

Ahhh, the great mystery of social media, lets talk about real social media management and reporting done by human beings at seo companies orange county. Why not eliminate the hype and start producing actual sales from your social media accounts? If you do not already know, Facebook, twitter, and google plus are a HUGE part of good seo for any website. Did you know there is a total strategy behind linking, content, and including your followers on social media, that can be attributed to increasing sales? Most small business owners manage these accounts themselves, which is a good start. However, when we manage your accounts, we do all of the research as to what keywords and topics you should be posting on, and what links you should be sending people to.  You approve ALL posts before they go live. We do all the work, you sit back and watch your social media accounts become way more effective.

Facebook – Increase Likes and Increase Sales with SEO Companies Orange County

With our Facebook account management, we will manage and monitor your accounts in a real and professional way. We will create an AWESOME looking fanpage for you, and we will monitor user comments and correspondence. We can also adjust the settings of your facebook fanpage so that people can not post anything they please on your page without your approval. Each month, we will give you full reporting of how your likes and reach have increased.

Twitter – Gain More Followers

Google has recently given twitter a huge amount of pull with regards to seo for your site. A good twitter account with good interaction can do wonders for your business. Our prices above include twitter, google plus, and facebook social media management and reporting. We at seo companies orange county know the best way to includes hashtags, and to utilize the best keywords for brand mentions and potential customers. Retweeting is also a huge strategy we use to increase your followers and sales!

Google Plus – The Necessary Evil of Social Media

Oh brother, Google plus, the great ghost town of social media. In order to play nice, we must utilize google plus. Google owns google plus, so of course, it is good for your website and its seo to be invloved. So, we at seo companies orange county can eliminate this hassle for you and set up a good page and manage it for you. We will even include the insertion of all social media buttons, including google plus onto your website.

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