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Ever been ripped off by a dishonest seo firm? I was YEARS ago… that is why I do what I do. Let me be the first to apologize for the SEO firms that try to get your business by looking and operating like a Turkish bazaar. I have some advice for you. RUN AWAY! I specialize in wordpress for woocommerce, woothemes, and wpzoom. BEEFYSITES.COM can provide you with the wordpress consultant advice you need to accomplish your marketing goals online.

From A WordPress SEO Company: Why Automate your SEO efforts

First of all, do not be deceived, by “Automate” we do not mean that our services are all performed by cheap software or slaved workers. Each of our services are performed by wordpress consultant Jared Mitchell and his team so that you don’t have to do the grunt work. All you have to do is sit back, watch us work, and monitor our efforts via our free easy to use seo software.

The prices seem TOO LOW to be true

Yep… I get this one a lot. Don’t worry, our packages (which include FULL free SEO monitoring software) are not under priced. We have REAL SEO experts work on each account. Its time for you to automate, spend less, and make more money from your woothemes, woocommerce, or wpzoom site.

Yes, we have a 100% retention rate. How is this possible? We under promise, we over perform, people tell their friends… Come to think of it, I have never spent a penny on marketing. Overall, my new clients are all word of mouth. If you are a serious looker, I can hook you up with one of my current clients for a quick chat via phone or skype so you can hear for yourself. Our sites just simply perform better, we make sure they are faster, look better and are liked more by google, for your small business seo consultant.

Is it Orange County SEO or SEO Orange County?

Keyword Research, recommendation, and integration is a huge part of what we do. A lot of people just build simple websites, and never pay attention to SEO. I build my sites with good seo from the start. For example, as you can EASILY tell, this website is optimized for keywords such as orange county search engine optimization and orange county seo company. Also, my preferred theme companies, woothemes, woocommerce, and wpzoom. You might have found this site for searching for keywords like these and more such as orange county seo company and seo services orange county. Whenever I build a website, I do a ton of keyword research up front, identifying hidden and popular keywords that google will love your site for. I give free pricing for local seo pricing so shoot me an email!

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