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Beefysites WordPress SEO Company Hosting: $30 a month, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING

Its Easy:

  • WPEngine is the only hosting company made ONLY for wordpress
  • Your site speed will skyrocket, everything will load faster
  • Happier users, and more sales
  • Only $30 a month for unlimited everything (on beefysites wpengine account only)
  • Email or call if interested

WordPress SEO Hosting and Why You Need It

Most of the sites I come across run too slow, and have too much downtime. Google hates both of these problem, and so do your browsers/potential customers. Beefysites WordPress SEO Company SEO hosting is the result of many trial and error tests with different hosts such as hostgator, bluehost, and godaddy.

Why our WordPress SEO Company SEO Hosting is Better

With normal wordpress hosts, site speed issues are left up to developers… and lets face it, most developers are more concerned with how a site looks and functions as opposed to making you actual money. I am sorry, but most of the people that come to me just paid for a really expensive and shiny online business card. What a pain!

Not as Many Plugins Needed

With our wordpress seo company seo hosting, we take care of most security issues, site speed issues, caching, and slow images. You don’t even need to install plugins for most of these things. Guess what, a wordpress site with less plugins runs and functions faster and better? Most of our sites get a google site speed score of 90+, if you don’t believe me, see for yourself. Repeat after me, more plugins, more drama!

Minimal Downtime

Not only is our downtime completely minimal, its almost non existent. I am sorry, but any host that claims they have 100% uptime it lying through their teeth. But here is the saving grace, check out this free uptime monitoring software and see for yourself!

Unlimited Resources and Dedicated Hosting for all

Aren’t those charts super annoying when you are trying to compare hosts? That’s why I don’t have one for you. Here is what you need to know. Our hosting is cheap, dedicated, and designed for WordPress sites that want amazing SEO. Most of all, your account will include unlimited resources… so you don’t have to worry about those big traffic spikes that will come as a result of choosing us to help you out!

Check out Beefysites wordpress seo company Hosting

Beefysites wordpress seo company offers the best SEO hosting for wordpress sites available. Our hosting will make your site operate much faster, and will probably go down much less than your current host. Beefysites offers the only fully customized hosting solution just for wordpress sites. Think about it… if your current host was so confident in their uptime, wouldn’t they offer free monitoring for your site as well?

A Full Service Solution

Its just so hard to get in touch with the right person when your site is down and you are in panic mode. First of all, our monitoring software will tell you when your site is down. No more realizing 30 minutes has gone by and your site has been down the whole time! Secondly, any questions are answered properly and promptly over email at any time of the business day!

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