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This Is How I Make You A HUGE R.O.I.

1. FREE AUDIT & Clarify WINS

First We Take a FREE Gander at your Shopify, Magento, etc (I have experience with over 10 platforms) store, as well as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Then, lets clarify the 1 year and 5 year wins. Also, I will tell you if it is NOT a good idea to work together.

2. Define the Steps We Take

I love whiteboards, so lets use one. Now that we have clarified the win, from my experience I will lay out the steps you need to take, and hires you need to make to accomplish your goals and wins.

3. Execute The Plan

From Over 15 years of ecommerce experience, I will help you execute the steps we have laid out. Well experienced with platforms such as shopify and magento (and 10 more), I know the right people, software, and processes to go from zero to hero quickly.

4. Evaluate Success

I will give you a TOTALLY FREE audit, and let you know if we are a fit for each other or not. I own an 8 figure ecommerce business of my own, how many consultants can say that? Last year one of my clients went from 20m/year to 36m/year, and another client went from 5k/mo (2 years ago) to 1m/mo.

Consultant For Your Shopify, Magento or ANY Ecommerce Store : Beefysites.com

Ever been ripped off by a dishonest seo firm, agency, or consultant? I was YEARS ago… that is why I do what I do. Let me be the first to apologize for the agencies or consultants that try to get your business by looking and operating like a Turkish bazaar. I have some advice for you. RUN AWAY! I specialize in shopify, magento, bigcommerce, and more. BEEFYSITES.COM can provide you with the ecommerce consultant advice you need to accomplish your marketing goals online.

From Neil Patel’s Senior Ecommerce Analyst

I have audited and worked with countless ecommerce businesses over the last 15 years. Some were just starting up, and some were doing more than 50 million dollars in revenue per year. I get it, you want to make sure you have a high enough ROI. That is why I will check out your business for free and make sure we can get you the numbers you want. Otherwise, I will tell you straight up if it does not make sense to work together.

A Monthly Retainer That is Affordable for Your Ecommerce Revenue

Lets Just check out your numbers and profit, and agree upon a monthly retainer option that makes sense for your online business and pocket book. Its pretty much that simple.

Yes, we have a 100% retention rate. How is this possible? We under promise, we over perform, people tell their friends… Come to think of it, I have never spent a penny on marketing. Overall, my new clients are all word of mouth. If you are a serious looker, I can hook you up with one of my current clients for a quick chat via phone or skype so you can hear for yourself. Our sites just simply perform better, we make sure they are faster, look better and are liked more by google, for your small business seo consultant.

By The Way, I built this 6 figure business (beefysites.com) on a wordpress website and 1 backlink

Search Engine Optimization is one of my strenghts, as well as content marketing, paid search consulting, social media consulting, ecommerce email marketing consulting, and much more. I built this very business on 1 website and 1 backlink, and its a true story.  Call me  or shoot me an email, I would love to share it with you!

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