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Jared Mitchell – A Leading Ecommerce Consultant

Jared Mitchell of Beefysites.com specializes in work as an ecommerce consultant for all different sizes and types of businesses. Specializing in several platforms such as magento, shopify, bigcommerce, woocommerce, and many more!


Pictured above are my lovely wife Alana and rambunctious son Malachi pictured in front of the lovely Pacific Ocean in Dana Point, Orange County, California. I also have a 2 year old Eli, and my family is my #1 priority on this planet.


My wife and I graduated from Biola University in 2003 with our business marketing degrees. In college, I elected to take a course entitled “Marketing on the Web.” It was in this class that I became obsessed with web design, selling products online, and internet marketing. I have been creating and innovating web technologies ever since. And as an ecommerce consultant I learn more every day.

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My friends started hiring my services to build them websites. that are equipped to sell products online. Then I created a web site for my wife. Then few websites for non profit ministries. Then it came to bands. And finally before it got out of control I started this website to make it all official. 12 years ago my wife and I started a skincare business that is currently doing 8 figures a year in business.


Recently Neil Patel promoted me to the position of Senior Ecommerce Analyst, which is such an honor!


Aside from my business as an ecommerce consultant I enjoy volunteering at my church, surfing, hanging with my family, and playing music. Send me a message if there is any requirements for an ecommerce consultant, web design and development services I can provide you with.

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