Easy Google Hummingbird Summary

Easy Google Hummingbird Summary

Looking for an Easy Google Hummingbird Summary? Read on! Last weekend we saw Penguin 2.1 being rolled out by Google. This was a significant update (comparable to Penguin 2.0). We collaborated with few other SEO Agencies to find out what changed and how websites were affected. Our dataset covered 3000+ websites. Below are our observations –

  1. Link Velocity and quality – The first and most significant observation that stood out among sites which were affected was link velocity and link quality. Sites building 50+ links in a month using Article and directory submissions stood out as being worst hit.
  2. Anchor text diversity – Continue to vary anchor text and decrease / avoid exact match anchor text.
  3. Link Diversity – Sites performing well have good link diversity including links from Guest Blog Posts, infographics, videos, local business directories, Coupons, presentations etc.


The Easy Google Hummingbird Summary – So how does this affect SEO Strategy?

A Hummingbird Compliant website should ensure –

  1. Good On page SEO – With the decrease in off page SEO factor like anchor text, importance of on page SEO has increased. Make sure there are no 404 errors , crawler errors, dead links , too many outbound links from a page, over optimization of anchor text in internal links, etc.
  2. Quality of links and velocity – Keep an eye on link velocity and regularly ensure that the sites from which you are getting links are not affected by any Google Penalties. A good way to do this is to use tool like SEMRush to measure organic traffic of such websites. If you see significant dip in traffic, it means that the website is hit.
  3. Get Active on Social – Make sure the client is active on Facebook and Twitter. While it might not help directly, but the social traffic to a website would help send right social signals to Google, which can also help rankings.
  4. Disavow – Lastly check your link profile and ensure there are no bad links. If there are, disavow them.

Easy Google Hummingbird Summary

And finally, with the (Not provided) number in Google Analytics now reaching 100% and Google giving enough signals that its moving away from the keyword ranking game, let me ask you these 3 questions-

  1. Are you tracking number of leads you are getting?
  2. Are you tracking phone calls that your are getting?
  3. Are you tracking mobile traffic and leads for your site?
  4. Are you doing a Retargeting campaign for your site?

If your answer to either question is no, then you need to start doing this ASAP!! Click Here: We can help you with all of this.

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