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Located in Orange county, Jared Mitchell is considered an Small Business SEO Consultant and orange county seo expert. We offer fair pricing structures for any business model. Our workers are USA based, and offer high quality.  For a Small Business SEO Consultant choose Beefysites.

Small Business SEO Consultant Starting at $1000 Per Month

Click Here to read more about Beefysites.com. Most consultants start at $2500 per month. I do the same thing for less. That simple. Replace your entire web marketing, ecommerce, or even website department with beefysites as a small business seo consultant for only $1000 a month? Contact me for more details. I have over 10 years experience with websites and ecommerce shopping carts, website marketing, and search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Utilize my experience to replace your entire internal website and marketing department, save money, make more money, and automate! Click Here to learn more about my and my life outside of being a small business seo consultant.

As a Small Business SEO Consultant | I Usually pay off my own monthly fee within the first 6 Months

Allow me to audit your current website and/or ecommerce store, wordpress site, or woothemes woocommerce site, and I can let you know an exact cost for me monthly fees as a consultant. I will NOT take you on as a client if I do not feel I can provide a great deal of help to you as a Small Business SEO Consultant.

Here is how I do it in a nutshell:

1. Track Everything with Google Analytics, and empower YOU to check up on me

You should NOT be spending any marketing dollars online unless you are able to FULLY track the success of the marketing effort down to the cent! After I set up your site you will be able to track your sales and your leads, know where they came from and clicked from, so you can spend your online marketing dollars in the wisest ways possible.

2. Make Sure Google Loves your website In and Out

I will set up your website, wordpress, shopping cart, woothemes, or woocommerce to makes sure that google absolutely loves it. Sitemaps, webmaster tools, plugins, site speed, keyword research and on page optimizations will all be handled with care so that google begines to see your website as a gem.

3. Clever Off Page Marketing Strategies | More Traffic Means More Leads and More Sales

Linkbuilding, social media, affiliate marketing, and inbound marketing, I do it all. I can set up a plan for your business’ success that works for your budget to maximize sales. Scroll to the bottom of this page and contact me, and lets get going, I want to be your small business seo consultant.


Jared Mitchell

Jared Mitchell is a website designer, seo guru, wordpress consultant, small business owner, loving husband, and proud father. Thanks for checking out this site!