Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions I get asked the most, and hopefully some answers that are acceptable for you!


How much do your ecommerce consulting services Cost?


Its all based on your revenue and net profit. Meaning, we work TOGETHER to figure out an amount that you are comfortable paying based on how your business is doing financially.

Generally it is a monthly retainer, and sometimes we include a percentage of INCREASED sales depending on the business.


How qualified are you and how much experience do you have?


-Senior Ecommerce Analyst for NeilPatel.com – Neilpatel.com/about

-Owner of an 8 Figure ecommerce business – skincarebyalana.com

-Owner of a skincare brand – alanamitchell.com

-15+ years experience in ecommerce


What types of businesses do you NOT work with?


Businesses that do not have their financials accurately organized. Businesses that don’t have a well thought out structure, branding, or do not have enough internal (or even external) employee support to help us accomplish what we need to accomplish. I can answer these points pretty quickly over the phone. Businesses that try to barter with me on my fees. Basically, if you are not ready for me, or any consultant, I will tell you, and I will explain why. Most commonly it is businesses that do not have their finances, inventory, or website in a good enough working order.


What do you actually do?


I am a consultant so I DON’T usually do any actual work myself. I will tell you what to do, or who to hire to do what needs to be done. I also oversee those people doing the work to make sure its done properly.


What types of business ARE a fit for you?


Generally, I can help two types of businesses the most. 1. Startups that are super well thought out and organized. 2. Businesses that are doing more than 200k/year in revenue and have some good momentum going.


What parts of ecommerce do you specialize in?


Conversion Rate Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Generation, Social Media, Email marketing, Email Acquisition, Influencer Marketing, PR, Funnel hacking, Content Marketing and Operations Systems Analysis to name a few.


Why did you not respond to my email?


Welp, I either did not get it, or I did not see your email. I get a ton of emails, calls, and leads, so try again please, and I am so sorry! I cant not respond to every request as I do not have time.


Do you work in house or remotely?


I prefer to work in house. In a perfect world, I work a combination of in house and externally.  If you are located in a different state, I can either commute in for a reasonable visitation amount and period, or work remotely.


How much do you work with each client?


Usually it is 1-2 days a week, sometimes clients can book me for advice by the hour depending on the situation but that is rare.

What do you do for Neil Patel?


A bunch o stuff. My title is Senior Ecommerce Analyst. I do everything from helping with the sales process for top ecommerce client prospects, ensure client success for ecommerce clients, client consulting, and helping Neil teach some of his digital product courses.


What Internet Marketers do you follow?


Roland Fraser, Neil Patel, Frank Kern, Ezra Firestone, Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Perry Marshall to name a few.


Why do you look so much like Jack Black?


I will answer your question with another question. Why does Jack Black look so much like me?