The Basics of Search Engine Optimization Explained by Orange County SEO Expert Jared Mitchell

The Basics of Search Engine Optimization Explained by Orange County SEO Expert Jared Mitchell

Search Engine Optimization or SEO: Briefly Explained By Orange County SEO Expert Jared Mitchell

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to optimize and improve the visibility of a web site to obtain more traffic from search engines, this article is brought to you by Orange County SEO Expert Jared Mitchell!
  • It helps to rank the web site higher by improving the external and internal aspects. To enhance the visibility of a web site, many elements like page speed and content need to be considered
  • The approach for optimizing can vary, based on your target market and industry
  • For most businesses in Orange County, you will need an Orange County SEO expert who can optimize your site based on your surrounding demographic.
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Why Orange County SEO Expert Jared Mitchell says your company/organization/website need SEO?

Search Engines are used to search and navigate by your customers through various web sites. If your web site is not found by search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and Bing, it may not be visible to the potential customers.

Your potential customer enters a phrase in the search box of the search engine to find the web site which provides what he or she is looking for.

The keywords your potential customer uses are important as these phrases should match the phrases used in your web site. Smart keywords help you get more customers! Orange County SEO expert Jared Mitchell can provide you with these important keywords.

search engine optimization image by orange county seo expertHow Search Engines Work: Explained by Orange County SEO Expert Jared Mitchell

1.     Crawling and Indexing

  • The World Wide Web is like a huge network of stops in a big city subway system. These stops have a unique document such as a web page or a JPG, PDF or other files. The search engines are required to ‘Crawl’ along the whole system and find the stops that are in the way
  • Web  pages that exist can be accessed by the search engines are bound together by the link structure of the web. The search engines use links to reach out to the interconnected documents. Automated robots such as “spiders” or “crawlers” are used by search engines to find these pages.
  • Search engines have huge data centers in cities world over in order to store billions and billions of pages that need to be accessed in less than a second.
  • 2.   Providing Answers
  • Search engines function by thoroughly searching their massive collection of documents when a user enters a search keyword. Search engines perform two tasks by returning only specific results that contain relevant data related to the query the user has entered and by ranking these results in an order according to its importance.
  • SEO therefore influences and enhances the relevance and importance of your site. Orange County SEO Expert Jared Mitchell can provide these answers for you.
  • 3.   Ranking The Results
  • Ranking involves many factors. If the site is popular, it is assumed to contain valuable content. This assumption is used to provide users with satisfactory results through good content.


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