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Small Business SEO Consultant

Small Business SEO Consultant Jared Mitchell

Small Business SEO Consultant – Starting for just $1000 per month, less than half of what other small business seo consultant firm’s charge, scroll to the bottom of this page and send us an email, or click here to fill our our totally free seo audit and report form. Once filled out I will give you an updated report of the complete status of your website’s seo state. Located in Dana Point, Orange County, CA, Jared Mitchell has over 10 years of ecommerce and small business experience.

beefysites small business seo consultantSEO Consultant for Small Business that Includes MORE than the other guys

I do EVERYTHING. But what is the goal? Lets figure it out first. Is it to increase sales, walk ins, or leads? Once goals for your website are established, we will make sure we are specifically tracking these efforts to a tee using google analytics, and possibly a few other tools. Here is my motto “DON’T SPEND A SINGLE ONLINE DOLLAR WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO FULLY TRACK ITS SUCCESS!” Did you know that google analytics is capable of fully tracking every single penny that is spent on your website, and telling you where each customer found you from? The same goes for leads and phone calls! Read the next paragraph to learn more.

Track Everything – The best small business seo consultants Will Start here!

First, we make sure we have proper goals set, and proper tracking so you know you are getting your money’s worth out of the dollars you are spending online to accomplish those goals. Next we determind the best most prove ways to spend your marketing dollars to attract sales. You have probably heard about organic search optimization, paid search or PPC, affiliate programs, social media and more. We will customize your website marketing through proven online marketing techniques for your specific business. You will be able to watch the numbers and you will see for yourself if you are getting what you pay for. Most of my clients pay off my salary within the first 6 months. What is SEO you ask? Click here to see the wikipedia definition of seo

Jared Mitchell

Jared Mitchell is a website designer, seo guru, wordpress consultant, small business owner, loving husband, and proud father. Thanks for checking out this site!

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